Licensing & Compliance



CannaBiz Developers (CBD)



CannaBiz Developers (CBD) connects business owners working in the legal medical and recreational cannabis industry with cannabis-related education, licensing and compliance services.



Our services include:

  • City, county and state licensing application preparation services.


  • Application submission and any cure and correct items.


  • Compliance Services


  • Government Affairs


  • Community Outreach


  • CUPs

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Melanie Torbert
Managing Partner


Melanie Torbert
Managing Partner

With over thirty years of operations and design experience, Melanie is a seasoned executive in the real estate, garment and cannabis industries. She is a Managing Partner at Business Taps, a consultant agency connecting cannabis entrepreneurs with prime commercial real estate locations and investment opportunities. As a real estate agent, she worked in the Orange County area selling mostly high-end properties and working as an appraiser. Melanie has also worked in several areas of the cannabis industry as a consultant including cultivation and edibles.